Destination Wedding Philadelphia, PA

Sophia & Finney had a beautiful wedding day that celebrated their Christian faith and their family heritage as well. Sophia & Finney were married on September 10, 2016 in small suburb just outside Philadelphia, PA. Sophia & Finney were surrounded by lots of friends and family whom had mafde the long trip in from different parts of the world. 

The day started early at Sophia's house where we arrived at 6:30AM to start photographing her getting ready. All her bridesmaids were full of energy and they were helping Sophia with every detail. From there we went to photograph Finney getting ready and his guys were there helping him stay calm. You could see he was filled with excitement about seeing Sophia soon at the church. The ceremony was heart warming. One full of stories, music and faith. From there everyone joined Sophia & Finney at Celebrations wedding venue and the party started. Great music, food, laughter and family love filled the air. It was a wonderful day and Sophia & Finney were still smiling as we said our goodbyes. Awesome couple and an awesome day.