Laughter, that special look only a child can give, or looking into the eyes of a grandparent. That is where the magic lies in family portraits.

Family portrait sessions are done on location of your choice. It can be at your home or where you graduated college. Perhaps you have a boat or you hunt. Why not photograph it and make lasting images of what makes you and your family special. If you are not sure, well I have list of places to go photograph, so don’t worry. Need help with what to wear I can help with that too. While all of those things are important, emotion and letting that emotion shine is what is going to make a great family portrait of you and your family. 

Family Portrait session fee is $150 for time and talent. Purchase one of our collections and the session fee is waived. Call/text me at 919-824-9036 or email at studio@seantruephotgraphy.com learn more about family portrait sessions.